To describe myself isn't easy. I am a person who tries to find good in everyone, for it is really to easy to find the faults of man.

I have a very strong faith and believe GOD made me and he made you and God makes no mistakes.

There are several things I enjoy doing, and I think one of the most enjoyable is being able to talk to my children and friends on ICQ. I have a niece also very dear to me that I can talk to. Tiny is our son, but he does not have a homepage, but we sure talk alot on the ICQ.

You have already met one - Cyggie - her screen name. She is a joy and so much fun. She always knows where I will be when she is looking for me. She and my other daughter Aandy really make me laugh, and when Cass - all screen names - get into the act, and then our niece, it becomes a big family affair. 

Please also go and visit them, for although they sometimes revert to our little girls, they have grown into very beautiful women.

You will learn more of me as you visit the different areas.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to come back any time.

The door is always open, and the coffee is always on.

George and Toni
George and Toni

My daughter Aandy's First HomePage

My daughter Aandy's Second Homepage

My daughter Cyggies Homepage

My daughter Cass' Page

My Wonderful Niece Gretchen

My daughter Bulldogmama's Page

My daughter Caro's Corner

Have a great and beautiful day.

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