The size of the tablecloth depends on the size that you need or want.

NOTE: If this is your first time at trying this, buy 2 1/2 yds of material. Now you can either use a serger as I do, or just make a shirt-tail hem. You can also  embellish the corners of the tablecloth and napkins or trim it. This will be your individual designed tablecloth. 

Take your material and fold it in half, and press it so you have the crease. If using a serger, start hemming (using the rolled hem) down that crease. NOTE: (Those of you that are doing it with a shirt-tail hem, cut material on this crease. Half is your tablecloth.) Now go around the tablecloth with your serger. (Those of you hemming with shirt-tail hem, finish hemming tablecloth and lay it aside.) When finished put it a side. 

Now take left over material and fold in three even lengths. Press and put in the creases. Now do the first side as you did with the tablecloth. Do that until you have three pieces of material. Now take the three peieces and with each, fold in three parts and press. Now you are getting ready for the napkins. NOTE: (I like to make six napkins, and use the other longer piece for a table runner.) Now hem around each napkin and the 'table Runner'. 

Now to make sure that the corners do not unravel (for those that used a serger), I used 'Fray Check' and it is put out by Dritz and can be bought at any fabric store. 

Now if you wish to make it your design, you just stitch something in each corner that you have made or you can leave it plain. I put crocheted hearts on one of mine and also in the corner of each napkin. Made the border of the runner using the hearts. 

This makes an ideal gift, that is individually yours and embellished for the receipient of your gift. 

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