Another of my interests its reading. For it is in reading that you can visit fascinating places, try to solve a mystery, and also come across great ideas for your home, and yes crafts.

I never ceases to amaze me how Peroit and Miss Marble come up with the one who "did the unthinkable crime." Like Peroit, I try to use my little gray cells to come up with the murderer or whatever, and I am usually wrong.*VBG* And then with Miss Marble, her little village is so unique that I can picture myself living in St. Mary Mead. She is always working in her flowers, and notices more things, that I never seem to notice. And yes, I always pick the wrong culprit there too.

With Hemmingway, I enjoyed the "Sun Also Rises", for I could picture every action that he wrote about.

To me, any book can put you there, in the town, or country it is written about, is truly awe inspiring. for it is through those writings that you can really be there with the characters that are in the book.

I have read other books and am now reading a marvelous book by Patti Labelle titled "Don't Block the Blessings'. If you really want to know her, this is a must read book. There are other books that I am wanting to read, and will between my craft projects. Reading is just another way for me to relax, and also learn. Like they say, a book can have you traveling and knowing other countries and their way of life. Will keep you posted on the different books as I pick them up to read. I am choosey as to what I read for it must be enlightening, educational, and exciting as Agatha Christy and Hemmingway's books.

Come back any time, and you can go through my small library anytime. Have a great day, and


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