This is a very easy pin cushion to crochet. You will be able to make one or two a night, while just sitting in front of the tv. And it is also a good way to use up your scrap yarn.

First: Crochet a chain of 100 sts. Second: Chain three, dc in fourth st from hook. Put four dc in same stitch. Now put a dc in each stitch across chain. In the last ch, put 5 dc,then put dcs in each chain on the other side of the chain. Finish off.

Now take a contrasting color and sc in each stich all the way around. Finish off. Now roll the chain up and then use a straight pin to hold it together.

Now attach the chochet hook in the back loop of the sc facing the straight pin. Put three trc in the back loop of the sc. Now put three trc in the front loop of the next sc. Now go all around to meet your first trc. NOTE: They will meet, but it makes the ruffle at the bottom of the hat. Now you take the contrasting thread and crochet a border on the ruffle. Next, you make a chain with approxiamtely 80 chains. Wind the chain through the ruffle, starting with on top of the first three trc group, and under the second trc group. Go around, and then tie in a bow. 

I hope that the directions are understandable, and that you enjoy making this pin cushion. they make marvelous gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers. Should you have any problems, feel free to e-mail, and I will gladly help you. ENJOY!!

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