Hiking is the one thing that I truthfully enjoy doing. I enjoy the beauty that you can see and the different little sounds that come your way.

While my husband was stationed at Ft. Gordon, we went on Volkmarches every year, that we were there. We always ended up getting this little medal with a ribbon, but the most wonderful part of these hikes were the fact that we were doing it with friends and what one didn't notice, there was always someone that could and would point out something spectacular to see.

We have also been on hikes in Colorado through the back roads near my husband's childhood home town. On these little hiking trips you could come across old coal mines that had been closed off, or even capped oil well dis. To walk along the creek beds was absolutely great. When our children were younger, we would drag them along, and by doing that, they could learn about the little creatures that exists among us and also the different rocks and their formations. They soon learned the different rocks names.

I have put on miles with my hiking, and am looking towards doing more of it in my lifetime. It is a great way to get to know the other little creatures that live on this planet with us.

Hope that you can start hiking, for it is an excercise program that is also a learning excercise with every trail you get on.

Thank you for coming by and asking me about this part of my life. Would love to have you join me and my husband on our next hiking venture. Please come back again, and maybe we can share ideas as to where to hike more trails.

Please have a great day !!

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