It is here that I find relaxation and enjoyment.

    As you can see, my sewing machine is always up as well as my serger...of course that serger is a story within itself.

    Oh, all those drawers hold my patterns, sewing notions and material,two drawers here hold all my different sizes and colors of plastic canvas, and also my pc yarn. The other drawers are all my crocheting and knitting needles and yarn. My book case is quite full with patterns for everything under the sun. I have been going thru my books and have discovered that I have a lot of duplicate and triple patterns, so I have been purging them.

Pick up a crochet hook and make yourself one of my favorite crochet PATTERNS

As you may notice, I crochet rugs and use them as 
well as my doilies and afghans. I am also learning needle
tatting from a very dear friend I met through the
cro-loop I belong to. It is really fun and it goes fast.

Well, I Thank You for coming by and sharing a
cup of coffee with me. Come back anytime
for you will always be welcomed.

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