Well since cyggie wants to know about my bowling,
which I dont understand why ("G").  The only way to get
her out of this room and into my craft room to visit with
me, is tell her about my bowling experiences.

I started bowling in 1963 and I have no idea as to why. That first day I soon learned that the ball wasn't suppose to go down the gutter but stay on the alley. When I finally figured out how to do that, I was so happy when I knocked down all the pins but left the 7 and 10, you know the rabbit ears. Well I did like every great bowler does, I went between them. I soon learned that by ending up with rabbit ears was not the smartest thing to do, but back then, I thought getting eight pins to fall at once was a feat within itself. 

Well as the years flew by (very fast by the way), I did improve my bowling. I found out what a brooklyn was (and no it isn't just a city), I learned how to even keep score, which was required when you are a captain on a team.

I did become captain of a bowling team while we were at Ft. Gordon, and I really enjoyed my Thursday mornings. But on Sunday afternoons, my husband would want to go to the alleys to bowl with me. Well he was rusty, and that is when  I learned, don't out bowl your husband. But he still claims to this day that he did it on purpose so I wouldn't feel real bad by loosing. RIGHT!

Well I dont bowl as much anymore, for it is so hard for me to bowl three games straight, which is the norm when bowling. You still want to know what my average was? Well when I finally finished with the team, I was bowling a 166.
Yes, I guess you could say I had improved quite a bit. But now I must tell you that we went bowling about six months ago, for I really do miss it, and I only bowled one game, and I only had a 123, but the important part of bowling or anything else in life is:

You must enjoy it to the fullest, and you can
only do your best. By doing your best, it doesn't matter 
how high the score or how small the score, it is the fact
that you did your best, and and didn't quit.


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