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When I was a little girl, I used to remember people talking about "no man is an island" and I never quite knew what they were talking about.

As I grew older I remembered so many things that I used to hear as I was growing up, and started understanding some of them. And "no man is an island" was one of the statements I understood more and more.

I have learned over the years that you always need someone. No man was ever born knowing his career. He had to be taught, and he was taught by another person. Even if they just did a lot of reading to learn about their career and how to further it, they still had someone helping them. The book they were reading had a author.

Well I am now learning computers and I have had a lot of help. Just as someone put the tools there for them to learn how to make web pages, do graphics, and yes even designing, they had someone that went first and did it so they could learn.

This page is dedicated to the ones who helped me, and also is still helping me. I could name them, but I have decided to just dedicate this page to them. They have understood my frustration when I felt like the 'html" was a greek language and only certain ones could understand it. They stood by me when I really and truly wanted to give up, but they encouraged me to keep going.

Never Alone just felt to me to be a fitting title for this page, for no one is ever alone. Your life does touch someone elses life.

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