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We are a growing group of adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, and significant others who have formed to provide support for those who are searching.

Adoption Identity Movement of Michigan, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Tina Caudill, a birthparent, and several adoptees. We are registered with the State of Michigan as a non-profit corporation and our Bylaws set the rules and regulations of our oranization. Our staff consists solely of volunteers, and we are dependent on annual membership dues, small donations, and occasional fundraising projects to cover operating expenses. AIM is the oldest such group in the State of Michigan and one of over 500 such groups around the country.

In addition to providing search and support service to our members, we also provide education to the community on adoption issues, work on legislative reform efforts and provide training for the professional community. You may wish to know that over 135,000,000 persons have been touched by the adoption experience in this country, 98% of birthparents would like to be found and 90% of reunions go well for the parties involved.

Establishing membership, as outlined below, is a pre-requisite to our helping you. Effective March 1, 1997, annual Membership Dues were restructured into the following flat fee.

$30 - ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR ADOPTEES, BIRTH PARENTS, ADOPTIVE PARENTS, SIBLINGS, PROFESSIONALS AND OTHERS WHO SUPPORT OUR GOALS OF OPENNESS AND TRUTH IN ADOPTION. Includes attendance at meetingss, search and support assistance as applicable, information filed in AIM's Reunion Registry and newsletter as issued.).

As a member of AIM you will receive the benefits of our experience in an advisory capacity, as well as direction in your search. Please note, we do not search for you, but can assist you with obtaining these types of services if desired. Birthparents who are considering membership should be aware that it is Not AIM's Policy to search for minors (those under 18 years of age) however, we can direct you to resources if you desire to change a closed adoption to an open one. This is not meant to discourage potential members from joining AIM but rather to give you a realistic picture of the scope of our efforts.

Effective January 1, 1995, a CONFIDENTIAL INTERMEDIARY LAW became effective in the State of Michigan whereby adult adoptees and birthparents can now petition the Probate Court in the county where the adoption was finalized for access to their extended family members. We assist our members by informing you of what information you are legally entitled to in the State of Michigan, help you secure that information, filing with the appropriate state registry/court as well as educational and network support. In addition, You must realize that only by working together shall persons who have been touched by the adoption experience legislate changes and move access to open records and a more humane adoption system.

Adoption Identity Movement of Michigan ["AIM"], an offline search and support group, meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m., except during July and August. The meetings are held at the brand new Hazel Park Jr. High in Hazel Park, located right behind the former Beecher Jr. High. The address is 22770 Highland.
Parking for the new school is currently in back of it and the gate to enter is on the street on the south side of the building. When you pull into the lot, you will see a couple of trash bins with a large receiving door and to the right, a sidewalk leading to a double door entrance.
When you come in those doors, walk to the front of the building (going past the cafeteria on your right and gyms on your left). When you come to the staircase, Take it and walk straight ahead almost to the end of the floor where you will see the Media Center (aka the Library) on your right.
Meetings are always absolutely free. AIM warmly welcomes Adoptees, Birth Families, Adoptive Parents, and Friends and Family of those affected by closed adoption.
Join us for search direction, support and general advice. While we cannot search for you, we can help you to make the process as focused and beneficial as possible. The volunteer staff are all members of the triad and have much experience to offer those in need.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact MichiganSearching's Moderator, Daryl Royal at droyal@comcast.net Daryl is a Reunited Adoptee and Adoptee Search Advisor for AIM and also works as a CI for Wayne Co., Michigan. On behalf of all those planning to attend, we hope to see you there, as well! May the Connections generate Comfort & Empowerment for All, The MichiganSearching List Team: MichiganSearching-owner@yahoogroups.com

Due to our limited volunteer staff, we encourage your attendance and participation at the monthly meetings. It is through this sharing of ideas that you will feel comfortable and warmly welcomed by other members of the adoption triad with whom you can relate and openly express your feelings. AIM is a member of our national affiliate, the American Adoption Congress, and you will also learn about things happening in the reform movement elsewhere in the country.

Most people attend a meeting because you are interested in searching for your extended family. Please note that search is a process and it is important that you take time to educate yourself to the issues involved for all triad members and also to gather your support around you (family and friends) before you embark on this journey. Most reunions are positive for the parties involved but it is important to be prepared for a variety of outcomes. Take the time to make friends with others who are here and share your stories and common concerns. Support is a major part of the search process and valuable beyond words. And -- after you've enjoyed your reunion for awhile, we hope you will stay around long enough to help at least one person coming behind you. Remember, someone was here to help you.

AIM also maintains a current copy of the MARE (MI Adoption Resource Exchange) Directory which lists photo's and summaries on children who are waiting for adoption. We have a copy available for you to take to your place of work or other places where others can review and pass on.

At present we are working on legislation to provide access to original birth certificates for adult adoptees and birthparents. You will be kept informed on how this is progressing and when your efforts will be needed. In addition, many open record efforts are going on in various states. A major one is in the state of Tennessee. Articles are on our Resource Table to bring yo up to date on their efforts. If you would like to support this effort which will directly impact you, please mail your contributions to AAC/TENOR, 1000 Connecticut Avenue NW - Suite #9, Washington, DC 20036. Thank you.

We are also collecting good used suitcases to give to kids going into foster care. Often times these children's belongings are stuffed in garbage bags which gives them the impression that they are "garbage kids". We hope to help remedy this situation by donating suitcases you no longer need to various agencies who will put them to good use.

If you are interested in becoming a member of AIM, please contact us by writing:

PO Box 812
Hazel Park, MI 48030
(Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope)
Send Email to: DGeorgeW@aol.com


Or you may wish to visit a meeting first, and join at that time. Don't be discouraged if there are a lot of unanswered questions, that is why our organization is here to assist you in finding answers. After membership is established, you will be contacted by an advisor as soon as possible.

Remember, only by your involvement will you reap the heritage to which you are so rightly entitled.

Warm wishes,

For Michigan adoptees, birthparents, siblings and adoptive parents who would like a place to come and discuss their search, I invite you to join a large and very helpful group at: MichiganSearching: An Adoption Search and Reunion Message Board

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