Welcome to the Ranch House

Welcome to my home. I am glad you came by and asked to see the Ranch House we call home. Below I will show you some pictures of the outside of the house and soon will add some more inside of the house pictures. As of now the house is not completed and so the yard is not completely landscaped and we work on it every chance we get. Now enjoy your visit. *s*

First picture is from the driveway at the turn off from the road.

This next picture is from the same side but closer to the house,
showing sky lights. Yes, It is an earth berm house.

This next picture is from the parking area near the entry.

This next picture is from the sidewalk going toward the entry way into the house. The fence was not there when this picture was taken in 2003.

This next picture is a new remodle of the kitchen floor and fresh paint.

The next picture is the livingroom area and fireplace

The last picture so far is of the sun room and the deck that
overlooks the lake. This photo is from 2003, looks alot better now.

This is the view from the deck looking out to the lake. Nice place to sip morning coffee. Oh yes, those are tree tops in the lower part of the picture, we have no fear of being flooded here. *s*

Lastly what is a trip to the ranch without seeing the latest pictures of the horses. Here is the last two that was on the ranchin 2003,all horses have since been sold. Snoopy (my mare) and her filly Mystic Dreamer (foreground).

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