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This is me (Whispy) with one of the many bears I have made.

I am married and we have no human children of our own but many children we call ours (mostly nieces and nephews). We have lots of kids but all of those have four legs or feathers. (I love to say that) Our family here on the ranch consists of 4 horses, three cats, two dogs, and two Lutino cockatiels (sort of a smaller version of the cockatoo). Yes the two cockatiels do talk, they will talk a blue streak when they want to. When friends come though they "clam up". You could not get them to talk for the best bird seed in the world.

I'm into many arts and crafts fields (being a commercial artist helps). I sew, knit, crochet, do counted cross stitch, embrodery, tat (lost art anymore), draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oils and water color, pottery, make and pour molds for jewelry, and many more areas that are too numerous to mention.

I also love to cook and I have some of my favorite recipes and tips here and will have more soon. If you are looking for a special recipe please email me and I will look into my library of cook books both old and new to see if I can find it for you. I have some cook books that date back to 1900.

I am an avid collector of angels and bells. I have not been at these collections as long as I have my antique cups and saucers. I have a few bears and dogs in my collection too. I have recently gotten into collecting Beanie Babies, so if you have any you want to trade or are looking for a particular one let me know.

I love to travel and we have been to most all of the continental 48 states. We have also been to Cozumel, Mexico to scuba dive the famous Palancar Reef. While there in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea we encountered our first Tiger Shark. What memories, we have a photo of the great shark encounter. We also dove on the San Francisco Reef, the Santa Rosa Wall, Chanacanab Reef, and the Colombia Reef while there. One of our frequent places to dive in salt water is the Florida Keys, where we see colorful corals and many colorful fish. Fresh water dives are mostly here in the clear lakes of the Ozark Mountains.

Thank you so much for stopping by, come again and see the changes. I work on this home site alot, so there will be changes made all of the time. If you haven't done so please sign my guest book and visit my other neighbors in GeoCities, there are some great sites here, most are much better than mine, but I am trying hard.

Click on the word links in the above information to go to easy return pages and see the photos. Thank you.

This is me and my guard dog.

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If you came to this page via the Cube or the alternate page, the photo was of Whispy as a two year old

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