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There are many flowers blooming all over the islands.

Now on the Island of Maui. The legand of Maui gos that the God Maui, was the god of a thousand tricks.The sun used to race across the sky and Maui went to the top of the southern valcano Haleakala, and hoisted a net and snared the elusive sun. Only after the sun promised to slow its pace did Maui set it free, ensuring the island of Maui would forevermore be filled with warmth and light. When people visit the islands of Maui (Maui, Lanai, and Molokai) they are in the Hawaii of their dreams.

Geckos are said to be good luck
especially if they are in your home (they eat bugs).

The Island of Maui is also called the Valley Island. Two dormant valcanos form the southeast and northwest ends of the island and between the two is the valley. In this valley is the Iao Needle.

Iao Needle

The road wound thru some beautiful scenery like the picture below. See where a water fall travels durring the wetter weather in the valley?

The roads are for the most part two lane or less. Places the lava has covered the landscape so that roads are next to imposible. We dared to take the road to Hana, the curvy road on the windward side of the island.We decided to make the trek. All 600 plus curves and across over 50 one lane bridges in some of the above mentioned curves. It was rainy that morning but what can we expect, it is after all one of the rain forests.

The coast is rough and ruggid, covered with sharp valcanic rocks in most places. We came upon the Black Sand Beach on Pailoa Bay.

Actually the sand is rather course black chunks of lava. The landscape is rugged and steep in places, the road was under construction to repair where part of the road had slid away down the side of the mountain. We stopped at a place called Ke'anae Arboretum. In it we seen many plants and flowers that adorn all of the island all in one place.

Pink Ginger

some of the coast.

Finally we reached the town of Hana and proceded onward.We seen this water fall at Mile Marker 45. It is called Wailua Falls

The end of the trip before we turned around was Halwakala National Park. We got out of the car and decided to take the path to the falls.

It was supposed to take 45 minutes each way. Well steep muddy slick trails we took 1.5 hours each way. On the way we found several pretty sites. Hiking further we went thru Chinese Bamboo and finally we found the goal of the hike..

Waimoku Falls

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