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Hawaii 1999

Whispy's Vacation Page 6

Continuing on the "Big Island" we seen lots of neat things like the flowers here were as beautiful as those on Maui.

Bird of Paradise

The beaches were a sight to behold too.

Of course we can't forget to look at the "hills" (below)

A plane trip around the island was a wonderful way to see the actual conture of the island.

The sunsets are beautiful and enhanced by the vog. No I didn't mispell that, the natives call it vog because it is comprised of valcanic ash. *s*

This is the end of the trip so far. I will continue to add to the pages. I have hundreds of other pictures to add but I was trying to get this much up so people could see some of what we saw. *s* Do come back again and see what I have added. Thank you for your tour thru what I thought was the best vacation I have ever taken in my lifetime. Now you may return to my starting page by pressing here

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