Hawaii 1999

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Music playing is "Sea Cruise".

Kona is twice as big as all of the other major islands combined that comprise Hawaii (4,038 sq. miles). It is often refered to as "The Big Island" and is also the youngest of all the islands It is some 800,000 years old and still growing.

Active valcano on Kona

Five massive valcanos built the "Big Island" This island is a study in contrasts. From its snow capped peaks to its lush tropical rain forests. From peaceful bays and lush pasture land to waterfalls and luxurious Orchids and Coffee Plantations where Kona Coffee is grown. Kona is the Marlin fishing capital of the world. It is a place steeped in history, all over the island you can find petroglyphs and heiau (ancient places of worship) Everywhere we went we found the spirit of Aloha alive on Kona.

This is the Hotel we stayed at (Keauhou Beach Hotel) on Kona. The hotel actually is built out over the tide pools. this hotel was built near King Kamehameha's beach house and beside the bathing pool the king used.

Bananna trees (above) grew rather wild as well as coconut trees (below)

Golf courses were everywhere there.

We went to a Luau and the following were some of the pictures we snapped there.

The last night there we went out on a sunset dinner cruse. It was great. The food was plentiful as were the drinks. *s* The following were some of the pictures we snapped onboard.

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