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To check a watermelon for ripeness, place a piece of broom straw on the side of the melon, with ends pointing across the melon. If the straw turns ends toward the blossom and stem ends (or length wise) it is ripe and ready to eat. (This really works, I have seen the straw turn)

For a nice bright, edible decoration on a dinner salad, let boiled eggs (peeled) soak in the juice of pickled beets for a few hours, then slice and arrange slices on or beside the dinner salad. (The longer the eggs soak in the juice, the more color they take on. I leave them in the juice for days sometimes.)

When boiling corn add sugar to the water instead of salt. Salt will toughen the corn.

For juicer hamburgers, add cold water to the meat before grilling (1/2 cup to a pound of meat).

Add a lump of butter or a few drops of cooking oil to the water. Rice, noodles or spaghetti will not boil over or stick together.

Potatoes soaked in salt water for 20 min before baking will bake more rapidly.

To keep cauliflower white while cooking, add a little milk to the water.

Never cook a roast cold-let stand for at least an hour at room temperature. Brush with oil before cooking-the oil will seal in the juices.

Don't use soda to keep vegetables green. It destroys Vitamin C.

When cooking cabbage, place a small tin cup or can half full of vinegar on the stove near the cabbage. It will absorb all of the odor from it.

Do not use metal bowls for mixing salads, use wooden, china or glass bowls.

Let raw potatoes sit for at least a half an hour in cold water before frying.It will improve the crispiness of the french fried potatoes.

After stewing chicken for diced meat for casseroles, etc., let cool in the broth before cutting into chunks for twice the flavor.

Before scalding milk, rinse pan in cold water to make clean up easier.

A leaf of lettuce dropped into the pot absorbs the grease from the top of the soup. Remove lettuce and throw it away as soon as it has served it's purpose.

To freshen your dishwasher, run it on rinse with some baking soda.

Jello slides easily out of molds when the mold is set in hot water for a few seconds before inverting over serving plate.

Hints for Uses of Bounce Sheets

Hints for Cleaning Uses for Coke a Cola

Watch for more hints to be added as time permits.


More recipes will be added as soon as I can get them typed in. *s*

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If you came to this page via the Cube or the alternate page, the photo was of the entry into the kitchen area with Whispy's little doxie "Mindy" sitting in the way.

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