Kids Poetry

Written by kids as noted.

(Spelling has not been changed from the original  writing.)


By Erin - age 12
Blueberrey's are good to eat.
You can squish them with your feet,
and they are sweet.
But they dont taste like meat.

Face in the Night

By Erin - age 12
I saw a face one night
It gave my soul a great big fright.
I ran to my room and got a broom,
and brought it back to the living room.
The face was not there
so I grabbed a chair
and then I woke up
I was pulling out my hair.
By Erin - age 12
One summer morning
I woke up with the bright
hot sun shining through my window.
I went downstairs and I smelled
the sweet scent of flowers on the kitchen table.
I got dressed and went outside to play
and the hot humid air made me go down
to the river and take a swim.
While I was swimming the little fish were
nibbling on my toes.
I got out and went home for lunch.
I went to the table and there was a iced
cold glass of lemonade and a fresh, crisp
tossed salad with fresh cut vegetables.
I went back out and saw a bunny,
and it's baby hopped out in front of me.
I walked through the grass in my bare feet
and picked a couple of wild dasies
growing along the river bed.
I ran to my swing and swung until
dinner. I went home for supper and afterward
I went to bed, and while I was lying on my bed
I looked out into the bright sky
and starred at the stars
and I thought to myself
"What a wonderful day this was.
I hope I can enjoy the comming ones
as much as I did this one."
Good Night.


By: Erin - age 12
I Love You
with all my heart
Nothing will ever
keep us apart.
You are my love,
my life and my friend.
You are my dove,
my wife and my end.
I need you forever
so please don't leave.
O love you so much
I hope you beleive.


By: Trista - age 11
Flowers blooming,
Love in the air'
Birds chearping
Some people walking,
Some people are talking,
But most are still
Unlocking their hearts.


By: Trista age - 11
Hot humid air,
It's time to go
to beaches and lakes
Kids wearing tank
tops and shorts.
Ice cream melts
Let's play inside
where it's cooler.


By: Trista Age - 11
Leaves everywhere
Red orange and green.
It's time to put
on sweaters for
its getting colder now.
So play with care
and be fair
and keep your cool.


By: Trista age - 11
Snowflakes fall everywhere
no two look alike.
Out side children sled
Winter's the coldest season ever.

This was a fun time I spent with these girls, their imagination can lead you. I know the prose don't all rhyme but they put their thoughts on paper and  I enjoyed the reading of them. Like I told the girls, not all poetry has to rhyme.

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