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Record Broun Trout caught Aug. 13, 1988 Wt. 34lbs.

This record brown trout was caught near here by our nephew David. Weight 34 lbs. caught August, 13, 1988.


I know you may be wondering about the area I live in here in the Ozark Mountains. It is located in the state of Missouri, which is near both the geographical center and the population center of the first 48 states. We share the Ozark Mountains with Oklahoma and Arkansas. It was really a flat plateau, that has been deeply eroded over time by water, forming deep steep-sided valleys through which the "White River" flowed, now the dams have formed beautiful pristine lakes in the valleys. I live beside on of these beautiful sparking results.
The Ozarks boast having 11 of the 75 springs in the entire United States that are classed as first-magnitude springs All springs of this kind have a flow of 100 cubic feet or more of water each second. "Big Spring" in the gorge of the "Current River" is the largest of Missouri's first magnitude springs.
I live near Branson, Missouri. The now famous tourist destination of the USA. A lot of words have been written about Branson in the past few years. It has been called the world's music show capital; America's boomtown; the next Nashville; the phenomenon.

But to me Branson is home.

Andy Williams once said "It's perfect. I can play eighteen holes of golf every morning. I have a seven-minute commute to work. I have the band I want. I do two shows a day, and I'm home by nine-thirty." I would say he is a happy man.
Before all the performers like Moe Bandy, Roy Clark, Jim Stafford, Barbara Fairchild, and many others, could decide to perform here, first they had to decide to live here. Because when the curtian goes down and the theater lights dim the cast and the stars become people; sleepy, hungry people. Just like the rest of us. And Branson has a lot of experience in taking care of it's own.
The rthythm of life here on the "strip" (Hwy 76 in Branson) and the pulse it moves to is depicted in the old downtown section of Branson. The sound of local musicians holding impromptu jam sessions on the sidewalks, mingles with the old fashioned jingle of the bell attached to the doors of the merchants. The old Union Pacific Depot bears silent witness to the dreams of four railroad men who planned a 24 block settlement here in 1903.
The silence of the lake, where the elusive king bass waits just below the surface, is broken only by the occasional sound of "ducks". Not the mallards, but old Word War II anphibious vehicles that have been converted to tourboats.
Visitors have been a fixture in Branson since Harold Bell Wright's book "Shepherd of the Hills" (1907) gave this nation Ozarks fever. Suddenly the mountains were not just mountains anymore, they were symbols of something deeper. Like markers on the side of the road America had been down along time ago. Something real in an increasingly prefabicated nation.
A first time drive through the Ozarks does something to a person. It gets under your skin and the comfortable feeling compels you to think "This is a place I could live." You can feel it in back roads and in the smaller towns surrounding the now famious town of Branson. Places where you can leave your car and venture down a nature trail, like the "Ruth & Paul Henning State Forest" area, just a short drive west of Branson on Hwy 76. Suddenly the words of the anthem heard in most of the area shows become real: "when I in awsome wonder condsider all the works thy hands have made...."
Here you can get the feeling that the people preforming on stage are as happy to be here as I am, after all most folks are happy when they are at home.

This is a rare sight here at the "Table Rock Dam" of the release of the water thru the flood gates. This has only happened three times in the many years I lived here.

St. Louis with the famous arch representing "The Gateway to the West" visible from almost any place in the city.

I signed up on 12/28/1997, my last update was on 02/08/2003. I have learned alot from the fantastic tutorials found at other sites here in Geo Cities and with the help of their fine leaders. Thanks to all of them for the oppertunity to have a site here, and to learn so much.


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