Family Photos

Family Photos

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My niece "rain" when she
was younger. She is
welcoming you to
the family photos.
My nephew "lil Harvey"
many years ago
My niece "Elmo" in the
lap of one of the large
teddys I make.
My "adopted girl" Cara.
Elmo playing dress
up in funny hats
This is Whispy in ninth grade.
The Tuna catch from vacation
Sea Robin (flying fish) and whispy.
Our home here
on the ranch.
This is My Pocket Parrot PACO.
Now deceased.
My Sun Conure LeRoy
Saying "What you looking at?"
Another picture of LeRoy
on his favorite perch.
My Nanday Conure

For those of you that wanted to see my 280 Z car, click here.

Now playing "Music Box Dancer"

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