Fall Day on Table Rock Lake, near Branson, Mo.

Fall day on a lake in the Ozark Mountains

Fall In The Ozarks

By Whispy

The crisp days of October,
To us a welcome treat,
It means the end of summer,
To most cutting wood for heat.

The squirrels are busy gathering
Various nuts from all the trees,
The wasps are busy buzzing
Around our heads and knees.

The trees that crowd the mountains
All dawn a pretty coat,
As they proudly show their colors
People stop and dote.

The reds, oranges and yellows
Splash in amongst the greens,
And nested in amid them
The clear and gurgling streams.

These hills stand so stately
Among the sparkling lakes so blue,
And Eagles soar above them
With geese in paterns too.

The towns all dawn their glitter
For the comming holidays,
And tourists flock to marvel at
The beauty and parades.

You see here we celibrate
The blessings we are given,
For God has carefully created
The Ozarks and His heaven.

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