Sunset on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Mo.

Sunset on an Ozark Mountain Lake.

Dream Land

By Whispy

When I drifted off to dreamland last,

The earthly cares from my mind were cast.

I skipped across the many stars,

Stopped and grabbed a nap on Mars.

Slid quickly down the Milky Way,

Oh what a grand and marvelous day.

I rocked in the curve of the quarter moon,

I could easily have stayed till noon.

How many stars I touched don't matter,

To reach the rings that circle Saturn.

It was a short hop to Venus if I tried,

Then there was colorful Jupiter nearby.

Using the stars as stepping stones,

I crossed the planets zone by zone.

This grand dreamland was easy to take,

I just couldn't make myself awake.

I wanted this dreamland to go on forever,

Just me and the stars and the planets together.

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