Branson Dachshund Dash

2006 Branson Dachshund Dash

This is a photo tour of the first ever Branson Dachshund Race and costume contest held by Tri-Lakes Humane Society and hosted by Celebration City.

The little cowboy was one cute costume.

The little chick looked lost out there among the others.

Looks like this couple was headed for the beach after the races.

Then the spiders came out of the woods.

These two had just gotten in from Hawaii.

Did not know if I should run from this mean looking shark?

These two looked like they were looking for the dance.

The parade of costumes was down here in the "Laser Field"

These two decided to take it easy and just watch.

Then came Race Time

This is the starting gates

Everyone is so anxious for the race gates to open

"What do you mean run?"

"Like this dear"

They are all trying it.

Last race for these trophies.

Looks like these two got tired and are ready for a nap.

The winners are announced

The winner of the costume contest.

The second place winners in costumes.

Third place was a tie. The kids just in from Hawaii andthe two beach kids (but the beach kids were on their way to the beach).

First place in race ReeCee.

Second place in races Harley

Third Place in races Boomer

All winners, dogs and trophies

Some owners were so excited about their dog winning like ReeCee's owner was.

All in all the dachshund races were a success and we are in the planning stages for next years races which will be bigger and better than ever now that we have seen how much everyone liked this years events.

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