Why Angles Have Come

Why Angels Have Come

Angels have come to bring with them,
In thought and deed and, also, hymn
The message of God and His Wisdom great
His love, His wants for all our fate.

They bring on high their protection strong
To guide us all when things go wrong
To teach us patience when none exists
To help us see what blindness missed
To help us hear what deafness hides
To help us feel what touch denies

To give us peace when fighting's round
To fill us with love when hates abound
To encourage the feeling of a want to give
A feeling with which we all should live.

So in this season's darkest night
Within our souls doth shine a light
To warm us with forgiveness and sharing
And with compassion and, also, caring.

All these are sent from heaven divine
For the angels have brought them, 'tis God's Design.

--author unknown—

I Beleive In Angels

Author Unknown

I believe in Angels
That they're always hovering near
Whispering encouragement
Whenever clouds appear

Protecting us from danger
And showing us the way
Performing little miracles
Within our lives each day

I believe in Angels
I know that they are near
With them here, I'll always know
I never have to fear
Yes I believe in Angels
I'm sure that you do, too,
And I'm convinced that angels
Are watching over you.

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