Here you will find many links to other pages on the Net that have helped me to review and research the Bible. I read my bible daily. Mitch has had to build me a new bookshelf in order for me to store all of my reference materials and Bibles ( I now have 17 bibles... all are used on a regular basis). I use many different Bibles during my preparation time so that I can get the clearest picture of the theme of the book, chapter, or verse. I hold Bible studies at my house at least twice a week. I have even gotten my 3 kids to read the Bible on a regular basis. I make up quizzes, tests, crossword games, and study guides for everyone that comes to my study group. I enjoy opening up new avenues to people who have never heard the Scripture. I especially enjoy opening up new avenues to those people who thought that they knew all there was to know about the Bible. I believe studying the Bible is like chocalate... you just can't put it down and you can never have too much.

Here are some of my favorite places across the Web to learn about His life, His existence, etc... In no particular order!

Sunday School Lessons.
Fountains of the Deep

Michael Coley's Bible Studies

Acts 17:11 Bible Studies
Scripture Studies

International Standard Bible Lessons
The Holy Ghost Fire Cyberspace Church

The Parables of Jesus

Grace Notes
World Wide Study Bible

The Four Eleven Foundation
Bible Answers

Bible Study Home Page

Bible Study Resource Page

Campus Crusade for Christ

Bible Believer's Home Page

In The Beginning.Org Home
The "Executable Outlines" Series

Jesus on the Internet

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