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in the Old Testament

Please note that all of the Scriptural references given on this page are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Many people are under the misguided conception that The Holy Spirit is a new entity only to be found in the New Testament. Sadly, I too was one of those misguided people. But through careful study of the Bible as it pertains to The Holy Spirit, Spirit of God, Holy Ghost, or any other name given to the third part of the Trinity; I have found that the Holy Spirit has, like The Father and The Son (known as The Word of God prior to His birth), existed from eternity past, in the present, and in the future. In this writing I am hoping to give you some evidence of the existence of The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

With Love... Your Sister In Christ, Helene

1. Genesis 1:2; 2:7; 6:3; 15:1-21; 37:5-10; 40:7-23; 41:14-16. The Spirit of God is moving over the face of the water. God's breath is God's Spirit which here gives Adam life. In the time of Noah, God Himself talks about His Spirit dwelling with man for an appointed time and then being removed. Here the Spirit of God speaks to Abraham in a vision. Joseph is seen here displaying the divine gift of interpretations of dreams.

2. Exodus 28:3; 31;3; 33:11; 35:31. The Gift of Wisdom is imparted on the sewers of the garments of the Priests (ie. Aaron et al.) God tells Moses that He has filled the Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son ofHue, of the tribe of Judah with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of all kinds of wormanship; more gifts of the spirit of God are imparted. There is an inference here that Joshua stay behind in the Tabernacle to further commune with spirit of God as He dwelt among the people. Joshua was seeking the Spirit of God. (Same people as in Ex. 31:3)Here Moses is telling the children of Israel that God has filled a certain worker with the gifts of the spirit of God. Wisdom, Understanding, and all manner of workmanship.

3. Leviticus 1:1-- 27:34. The book of Leviticus is filled with annointings, sacrifices, purifying, and repentence all of which are required by God for His people; just as it is today through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.41.

4. Numbers 11:10-30, 24:2; 28:18. Moses and the elders of Israel were empowered by the Spirit of God to impart judgement, they were given great strength, and they given different positions of power. Unlikely men were given power to prophesy. God's Spirit was upon them. Moses who is filled with the Spirit of God is told by God to lay his hands on Joshua who also is empowered by the Spirit. This laying on of the hands by Moses on Joshua was the outward transference of leadership.

5. Deuteronomy. Although there are no actual references to the Holy Spirit of God in this book, we must remember that if God The Father is present, and He is, then the other parts of the Trinity are there also. Within the pages of Deuteronomy, we see the requirements of a faithful people, who are to Love, Honor, Obey, and Cherish God. The rules have not changed for believers now, only the means by which we are sanctified, purified, and accepted.

6. Joshua. Once again, there are no obvious mentions of the Holy Spirit of God in this book; however, there are references to God aand as before if one is ther then they are all there. Johua, as we saw in Numbers, is a Spirit Filled annointed Leader chosen by God through Moses. Joshua was the recipient of the Promised Land of the Exodus. Joshua won many battles battles for the Glory Of God and for the chosen people of God.

7. Judges 3:10; 6:34; 11:29; 13:25; 14:6, 19; 15:14. In these Scriptures the Holy Spirit authorized leaders (from Otheniel to Samson) to attain victories over otherwise unbeatable adversaries. In the case of Samsom the Spirit of the Lord endowed him with unmatchable strength.

8. Ruth. Yet another time we do not find any direct mention of the Holy Spirit, and yet we now know that He is there because many references state that God is present. God had placed Boaz and Ruth together in order to fulfill the Messianic prophesy Ruth and Boaz---Obed---Jesse---David.

9. 1 Samuel 10:6-11; 11:6; 16:13-16, 23; 19:20-24; 28:7-25. Saul is transformed by the Spirit; he begins to prophesy. Saul experiences spiritual anger in a righteous way because the people were refusing to fight. The annointing with oil in the Old Testament is symbolic of the Holy Spirit it was the vehicle by which men received there Power. Saul became filled with depression and fear (evil entities) and the Spirit of God was removed from him. "Enter David." david was gifted with the ability to play the harp and he did so for the King. David was now living with Samuel under his protection because Saul had tried to kill him. Saul was becoming wary and jealous of David. Saul's annointing of the Spirit was leaving him more and more. Even still, Saul continued to Prophesy. Saul lost his kingdon, his gifts and fruits of the Spirit completely when he consulted a witch.

10. 2 Samuel 23:2. David was empowered by The Spirit of the Lord to prophesy.

11. 1 Kings 3:3-14; 18:12; 19:12; 22:10-25. Here Solomon the son of David asks for the gift of wisdom from God. Solomon has humbled himself before God admitting his lack of leadership skills. Because of Solomon's honesty and humbled condition, God gives Solomon what he has asked for and more. Obadiah tells Elijah that the Spirit of the Lord will carry him away if he goes to inform Ahab that Elijah is there. Odadiah is afraid to tell Ahab that Elijah is there because he knows that Ahab will kill him if Elijah is gone when Ahab comes to meet him. God's Spirit spoke to Elijah in acave in the wilderness. A prophet of King Ahab named Zedeiah believed that he owned the Spirit of God and became angry when Micaiah, a true prophet of God, came out speaking a revelation from God. Ahab arrests Micaiah. Ultimately, Micaiah's prophecy came to pass.

12. 2 Kings 2:9, 15-16. Elisha asks for and receives a double portion of God's Spirit that He had given to Elijah. Could you imagine receiving a double portion of God's Holy Spirit??? Most of us can not even handle a single portion of God's Spirit. After Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire, The Spirit of Elijah rested upon Elisha. Then 50 sons of prophets approached Elisha and asked if they could go look for Elijah. Elisha at first refused to allow the men to go into the wilderness to search for Elijah. Elisha knew that if he permitted these men to go that he would be insulting the Spirit of God by not trusting in His promise to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind (see 2 Kings 2:1-6 for the revelation made to Elijah concerning his being taken up or translation).

13. 1 Chronicles 11:1-3; 12:18; 28:12.

14. 2 Chronicles 15:1-7; 18:23; 20:14-19; 24:20-23.

15. Ezra 1:1, 5.

16. Nehemiah 9:20.

17. Esther

18. Job 20:3; 26:13; 27:3; 32:8, 18; 33:4; 34:14.

19. Psalms 31:5; 32:2; 51:10-12; 104:30; 143:10.

20. Proverbs 1:23; 16:19; 17:27; 20:27.

21. Ecclesiastes 7:9; 8:8; 12:7.

22. Song of Songs

23. Isaiah 4:4; 11:2; 26:9; 28:6; 30:1; 32:15; 34:16; 40:7, 13; 42:1, 5; 44:3; 48:16; 59:19-21; 61:1; 63:10-14.

24. Jeremiah

25. Lamentations

26. Ezekiel 1:12; 2:2; 3:12, 14, 24; 8:3; 11:1-5, 19; 24; 36:26-27; 37:1, 14; 39:29; 43:5.

27. Daniel 4:8-9, 18; 5:11-14; 6:3; 7;15.

28. Hosea

29. Joel 2:28-29.

30. Amos

31. Obadiah

32. Jonah

33. Micah 2:7; 3:8.

34. Nahum

35. Habakkuk

36. Zephaniah

37. Haggai 2:5.

38. Zechariah 4:6; 6:8; 7:12; 12:1; 12:10.

39. Malachi 2:15-16.

** Please note.. Just because there is no Scriptural reference next to an Old Testament Book doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit Of God was not present at this time. Please know that the ENTIRE was Bible is the inspired work of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit..

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