To The Child I Never Knew

Love Always And Forever... Mommy

By Helene Peets

12/18/75 - 2/28/76

I didn't even know you, I didn't even care.

I didn't want to have you, the shame I couldn't bear.

I chose to do what I thought was right, I had you swept out of my womb.

I live with that decision every day and every night, locked inside this tomb.

I hope to see you soon one day and have the chance to say..

My child I am so sorry, for the thing that I had done.

I didn't know The Father, I didn't know the Son, I hadn't met The Holy Ghost... my life was on the run.

I love you most deeply, inside of all this pain.

I long to hold your soft small hand and sheepishly explain.

I pray you can forgive me; I pray you understand;

I was just a child myself, alone and out of hand.

At 16, I was all that mattered, I didn't want to give up living.

I made my decision selfishly, taking never giving.

I regret my choice most deeply, you are the Gift I did not keep.

I forfeited laughter and love and rocking you to sleep.

When I had other children, a great miracle occurred.

I met a man named Jesus, I studied in His Word.

I told Him of the thing I had done, and a tear fell down His face.

He told me that you were with Him, in His most Glorious place.

I'm glad that you are with Him now, nestled in His arms.

Safe and warm and comforted, out of society's harm.

I know He took you safely Home, at the time I sent you away.

I live with the hollowness of your absence everyday.

But Jesus said that it was over, my sins they were forgiven.

He said that He had wiped the slate because His love is freely given.

I pray my child that you will find it, deep within your heart,

to take my hand at Heaven's gate a new life we can start.


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