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Hi, my name is Mitch and I'm 44 years old. I have been married to Helene for 13 years,but, I have loved her for 26. We first met when she was 12 (her parents had no clue) and I was 18 (my dad was already gone and my mom hadn't met her yet).We had dated secretly for 6 months and then her parents found out. We broke up about 4 years later. She had met someone new and I had "waited" as long as I could.

She and I had gone our seperate ways. I married a few times within the next 10 years and she had married once. Neither of us were happy with the lives we had chosen. I had left NYC and moved to Maryland, Arizona, Alabama, NYC, Maryland... you get the picture... my life was less than stable. I had always wanted to contact Helene... just to see how her life was going. I had heard that she was married and had a couple of kids. I was glad for her... or so I told myself. I wondered if she ever thought about me... I had thought about her more often than I liked to admit.

I had come accross her old telephone number in 1985 and decided to give her mom a call.... just to see if Helene and her family were okay. I dialed the phone and hoped that no one would answer. Then there was a voice on the other end of the phone... a voice that I had heard in my mind and my dreams so many times in the past. It was her... She didn't sound any different then when we last spoke... she was 16 then. I asked her if she knew who this was and she replied "No"... I later found out that she was pulling my leg; she was just in shock.... I asked her if she minded talking to me since I had heard that she was married and had a few kids (2). She said that it would be fine if we talked. I asked her if she was happy with her life. She asked me if I wanted her to lie to me or tell me the truth... I told her that I wanted to hear the truth... even though I believed that the truth might kill me. She began to tell me of the horribe life that she had been leading for the past 10 years. She had only been married 6 years. He was an absolute control freak. Helene had been through a lot. She told me of her plans to leave her ex-husband a thousand times in the past; no,her need to leave him before someone died. I could never imagine hurting her at all. I started telling her of my "existence" for the last 10 years... although my story was not quite as grim.

Well, to make a long story short, she and I have been together since then. It's a funny thing... When you meet the one person in your life that God has intended for you to marry, no matter how many obstacles get in your way... He makes sure that His plans never fail. As merely humans, we make choices in our life that are not in accordance with the will of God... but since He is faithful and true His way prevails always... Praise God!

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