When I say...

By Helene Peets (c) 2000

For Jessica (my daughter)... With Love Always... Mommy


When I say, don't worry; I mean it from my heart.

I will protect you from the world and all it's plight.

I'll be here for you as long as stars shine somewhere at night.

When I say, it'll be all right; I mean it from my heart.

I want there to always be sunshine in your tomorrows.

Sadly, I know that there will be plenty of true sorrows.

When I say, I hear you, I mean it from my heart.

I know you think that I don't listen, but that really isn't true.

It's just that sometimes I don't know what to say to stop you from feeling blue.

Please just know that...

When I say, I love you; I mean it from my heart.

My love for you knows no space or time.

There are no conditions, hidden reasons or special rhymes.

"I Love You!"

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