"Easter Poetry"

A Crown of Thorns

Wanda E. Brunstetter

A crown of thorns, not fit for a king,

A crown of thorns that would cut and sting,

A crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head,

"Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" the mockers said.

A crown of thorns so long and cruel,

Instead of a crown made of gold and jewels,

A crown of thorns worn by Jesus, God's Son,

He bore the horrible pain for everyone.

A crown of thorns worn to the cross,

A crown of thorns worn for those, who were lost,

A crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head,

"He truly is God's Son!" some were heard to have said.

A thorn of thorns is a reminder to all,

That we can be saved if on His name we call,

A crown of thorns He wore in my place,

I'll bow before Him when we meet face to face.

Up Calvary's Mountain

Sara McGinty

Up Calvary's mountain one dreary morn,

Trudged Christ our Savior weary and worn.

They came to the mount, the place of the skull.

It was there Jesus paid our debt in full.

As He hung on the cross and died a cruel death,

He said, "Father, forgive them," and with a fleeting breath,

It was finished and as Jesus gave up His ghost

A victor's song was sung by a heavenly host.

Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb

But the grave couldn't hold Him, there was no room.

He arose, He arose, let's praise His sweet name.

He loves us so; we're the reason He came.

Salvation is free, it is a gift from above.

God gave us His son because of His love

He bought us, redemed us and set us all free.

As He gave His life there on Calvary.

Into Thy Hands

Lillian Robbins

Can I express my love for God

With spices in the garden grave?

Can't match the love of God's own Son,

Or the life that Jesus gave.

I wasn't there when the soldiers spat

And mocked with a crown of thorns.

My tears would have flowed the same as their's,

Had I been with His friends to mourn.

Even now my heart is sad with grief

As I remember that last dark hour.

I wish I could have relieved His thirst

Or mopped His blood-stained brow.

But I know His will for me today

Is sure in His future plan.

When He conquered death and

rose from thre grsve,

Full payment was made for man.

So as I live, my aim must be

To follow in His way.

I give myself in service and love,

So I. like He, can say.

"Father into thy hands I commend my spirit."


Saundra Birmingham

Though they hung Him on Calvary's cross

And nails to His hands and feet they bore;

Though He died a humiliating death,

Jesus lives forevermore.

Though they placed Him in a borrowed tomb

With a big rock around the door;

Though He stayed three days in the grave,

Jesus arose forevermore.

Though He knew we all were sinners

And were corrupted to the core;

He paid the price for our sins,

And Jesus loves forevermore.

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