In Loving Memory

of Beau....


Dear Beau,

We are all missing you terribly. The house is just not the same without you here. You were a wonderful friend and will never be forgotten. Max and Lady are missing you too! We hope that you are happy in Heaven, where you are not sick, or unhappy.

We Will Love You Always and Forever... Mama, Daddy, Steven, Jessica, Johnny, Max and Lady

P.S. We are hoping that Lady will be having your puppies on or right after your birthday. If 1 of them looks like you we are going to keep it.

Update.... Lady had 11 puppies on Saturday, April 25th. She started delivering her first puppy at about 6:45 A.M.. She was finished delivering her last puppy at about 10:43 A.M.. The puppies are all doing well. We have decided to keep 1 of the puppies. His name is Steel. As of this update (7/12/98) all 10 of the remaining puppies have been adopted to good homes.

Click on the paw New Arrivalsto see the new arrivals, their mom and their Uncle Max.

Steel has many of your qualities Beau and reminds all of us of you daily. You would be very proud of your son. He is beautiful, smart, and playful. I hope that he is with us much longer than you had the opportunity to be. Mommy loves you and misses you deeply...

P.P.S. Mommy wrote some poetry for you, I hope you like it!

" Chasing Butterflies"

By Helene Peets

For Prince Beauregard Peets a.k.a. "Beau"

The first time that I saw you you were chasing butterflies.

The last time that I saw you I had to say goodbye.

I know I'll miss your wide-eyed face and your galloping gait, Your thunderous bark, Your happiness when I came home, no matter how late.

To me you were a soulful dog- not just the common pet.

I could own 10,000 dogs and another "Beau" I'll never get.

But now your chasing butterflies up there where you can run free.

You know Mama loves you more than most- my best friend is what you were to me!

"Shhhh Listen"

By Helene Peets

For Prince Beauregard Peets a.k.a. "Beau".

Shhhh Listen I would say to you and you would cease to breath.

Waiting for the next command... while thinking - a cookie if you please.

Now I sit here in the diningroom waiting to hear your sound.

Shhhh Listen my heart screams out loud- Mama's biggest boy is not around.

You left last night- a choice I made- you didn't even fight.

I kissed you hard and said goodbye- your last breath echos in the night. Shhhh Listen.

What a wonderful site...

Beau and I Thank You Sandi :o)

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