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This page as all the others here at my Home are dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Like all other aspects of my life, these awards would not be possible without Him. To God be ALL the Glory... forever... Amen.

Visit this inspirational site.

Thank You Phillip and Chris :o)

Visit this great site.

Thank you Ronda :o)

Visit this beautiful site.

Thank you Angel :o)

Visit their site..

Thank You Tom and Madeleine :o)

Visit Debbie's Site...

Thank You Debbie :o)

Visit Vanessa's Place

Thank You Vanessa :o)

Visit Ted and Sheryl's Site... What a Blessing

Visit Ted and Sheryl's

Visit Ted and Sheryl'sVisit Ted and Sheryl'sVisit Ted and Sheryl'sVisit Ted and Sheryl's

Thank you Ted and Sheryl :o)

Visit this uplifting site...

Thanks Lorrie :o)

An Uplifting and Inspirational site.

Thanks Dana :o)

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