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I would like to dedicate all my awards to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Without His Loving Guidance, my pages would not be possible. To God Be All the Glory.
Thank You to All who found my pages worthy.
Your Sister In Christ, Helene

My first award. I'm so proud :0)

Moms Net Exchange

Thanks :o)

Yes, I do! Visit Janet's site... it's great!

Thanks Janet :o)

Wont You Stop In.

Thanks Ralph :o)


Mercy In Jesus

Thanks Deb :o)

Terry's World Award

Thanks Terry :o)


Thanks Sonflower ;o)


Go visit this site!
Thanks Carla ;o)

Angels of the Web Award
"You are to be my witness...
even to the ends of the Earth." Acts1:8

This Angel site by HelenePeets

ŠAngels of The Web

Thanks Grace & Ashley ;0)


Thank You for Giving to the Lord!

Thanks Tom & Cindy ;o)

Visit Comet's Site

Thanks Charolette and Comet ;o)

Visit Steve's Site.

Thanks Steve ;o)

Visit Janet's Site...

Thanks Janet ;o)

Please visit their wonderful site...

Thanks Rev. and Mrs. Whatley ;o)

Visit her site... An Inspiration...

Thanks Yeshua Messiah :o)

Visit this site.. uplifting and inspirational...

Thanks Melody :o)

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