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This ring was founded with the hope that by working together we can help bring home missing and abducted children. We can help bring home missing children by sending the childrens pictures to millions of people around the world. We can help bring home thousands of internationally abducted children by making a statement to the media and governments around the world that International child kidnapping is no longer something that can be swept under the rug and hidden. Simply by adding your website to this ring, you will be giving hope to the parents of missing children around the world.

For information on the children shown above please click on their pictures.

These cute little carousel horses were adopted for Nadia, Heidi, Alia and Aisha, as a sign that we will not give up the fight for them.

Get your Unicorn here
You can get a unicorn or pony there, too!

To join a mailing list that provides information on how you can help missing children please email:

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Knights of Kindness

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Guide for joining the webring

Suggested themes for missing childrens sites are carousel horses, puppies, kittens,
clowns or teddy bears. However any website for any missing child may be
submitted as long as there is no profanity, nudity, or racism.

Ringmaster Jodie

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Email one of the following people with your questions or problems.

Ringmaster Jodie

A special thank you goes to Suzy for making the beautiful banner
at the top of the page. Suzy you're an angel.

I would also like to thank MS WEB WONDERS for this background.

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