Lois Lacy's Family Tree

Lois Lacy's Family Tree

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I am Lois Lacy I was born In Georgia and have lived here in Acworth most of my life.

I am a wife to Johnnie. Ricky calls me mom.

I am Paul, Ann, Dot, and Hubert's big sister, and Ma and Pa's oldest child.

I'm nobody's Grandma, but I'm Aunt Lois to over 24 people and Great Aunt to at least a half dozen. More about that later!

Relatives Online

  • My brother inlaw Allen Lacy has a web site with the main purpose to publish genealogy of his family. It has Lacy history, old photos, and Lacy Family Information back to 1660.You can follow our tree from our children to our 7th grandfather. with over 600 surnames and over 1750 persons listed. His Page is Updated offen

    Allen is also the host for Surname Springboard

  • Purpose
    The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive
    listing of surname Gedcom sites through "Indexed" links to
    the web. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed
    their GEDCOM data on-line to be viewed by other

    More Relatives

  • My Husband and the co-auther of this page has a page with some old cars, and other stuff about the fifties Bringing Back the 50's
  • My son Ricky Lacy hangs out at The Hawg's Hoof
  • One of my other brothers in law Grady Lacy has a web page with some great family pictures.
  • Robert Lacy's HomepageAllens son My nephew's Homepage.

  • Online Message Forum

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    Another link is The Lacy Family Home Page with lots of information on various branchs of the Lacy/Lacey family.

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