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Lois Lacys'
Quilting Patterns

While trying to think of a good way to put some patterns on my page so people could understand how to do it them selfs, I decided to look around the net and see how other folks did it. Well the web being what it is I found some really good sites. So I am just linking to them. All of the patterns are off my site.

Most of these pictures of quilt blocks are found on the World Wide Quilting QuiltBlocksPage To see the directions on how to make these blocks, click on the block or its name.

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Job's Troubles

  • Log Cabin

  • Ohio Star

  • Sail Boat

  • Shoo Fly

  • Square in Square

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    Created July 15, 1997
    updated July 15, 1997
    all links working 7/15/97

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