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I am the Community Leader for Heartland/Bluffs 9750 thru 9999.


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Make BackUp Copies
Make BackUp Copies of your pages and keep them on
your hard drive and on a floppy or Zip disk. Servers can
crash at any time and the GeoCities backup copies are
not always current. So you could lose allot of your work.
It is your responsibility to make copies of your work.

To see all the netscape colors
by name and code visit my color chart

GeoCities Programs
Join Geocities Free home pages and email are among a long list of tools and features offered to GeoCitizens
GeoCities Neighborhoods A listing of ALL the GeoCities neighborhoods and their themes
GeoRewards Advertise your site and be REWARDED for it!!
GeoReward Banner Creator Volunteers GeoCities homesteaders who have volunteered to help create banners for the GeoRewards program
Join GeoPlus GeoPlus gives you even more tools, features and extras that will enable you to take your site to the next level of cool
Featured Page Is YOUR page Featured Page Material? We want to let the world know about the best GeoCities homesteads in each of our neighborhoods.
Community Leaders Community leaders are the heart of our communities. They will give you your first helping hand in learning about GeoCities
GeoCities Neighborhood Watch Program Report sites which contain content violations

Geocities Information:
Content Guidelines GeoCities Page Content Guidelines and Member Terms of Service
GeoCities Supported File Types Current list of supported file types supported by GeoCities
Promote Your Page Here are some links to services that will help you promote your Home Page to various newsgroups and search engines
Free Member E-mail Program Free email program for all of GeoCities members
Sponsorship Banners FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about which types of banners are allowed in GeoCities
GeoCities FTP Procedures GeoCities has an easy-to-use utility designed to remove all the problems from the FTP process
System Status for GeoCities Current information about GeoCities system changes and upgrades

Geocities Tools:
File Manager Utility Using the File Manager Utility, you'll be able to delete, rename, copy, edit and preview your files, all in one convenient place
GeoGuide Customizable, multi-featured navigational tool. It will help people find your "home on the Web" and supply you with a launching pad for all your surfing needs
GeoGuide Code Generator Using this GeoGuide Code Generator makes customizing your GeoGuide a breeze
Guestbook Give your neighbors, friends and visitors an easy way to leave you messages by adding a guestbook to your home page
Counter Keep track of the number of visits to your page using the GeoCities Page Counter
Form Utility GeoCities now has a script that allows you to use forms on your page, and get the results sent to you via e-mail
Member Password Lookup You can use this utility to look-up your password if you have forgotten it, or request your original welcome letter if you feel that you never received it
Mapping Utility Find a location, or post a map on your Home Page
Update Profile Information Choose keywords for your site and we'll help Web surfers find you through all kinds of online directories
Profile Editor Use this utility to edit your GeoCities Personal Profile
Delete Profile For deleting your entire GeoCities profile

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Page me

for help E-mail Johnnie Lacy

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Created July 12, 1997
updated Nov. 18, 1998
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