Christmas 1994
The evening news has been pretty depressing of late. Haunting images of pain and suffering splash on my television just in time for the holidays. My feelings toward humanity run hot and cold. There are days when the bad news gets to me... the callousness, the selfishness, and I wonder how the world keeps spinning.

Then there are the glimpses into small acts of kindness, aspiring guardian angels who grip my heart. Their stories fleet past the depressing drudgery and burn into memory. They are short, sweet tastes of everything that is good in life.

The woman in Philadelphia who scrimps and saves all year so she can feed 700 families at Thanksgiving. She does this alone and accepts no help.

The man in North Carolina who drowned after saving the lives of two boys... and his wife who completely understood.

The high school student who gave a man ten dollars when he overheard the resale shop cashier tell the man that he “could not afford the coat”. Paul Harvey scooped this story.

This is the season for angels... snow angels, nativity angels, when a bell rings an angel gets her wings. This is a season to remember those angels who touch a nation through one selfless act. And to remember those angels who call you just because they were thinking of you, or call because they worry about your car’s peculiar clinking noises, or pull you aside to let you know that you should slow down a little... enjoy life a bit more.

It is said that when the baby Jesus was born, the angels crowded around rejoicing his birth. I wonder, too, if our angels gathered to celebrate our coming to life. I think they did.

As we celebrate the birth of one man, how fitting to celebrate the birth of everyone we love. It is in this spirit that we wish you happy holidays.”


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