T hese are wallpapers I created... please feel free to save them for your own use.
If there is a specific design you would like to see me create, please suggest in my
"Tree House Suggestion Box." I will continually update as I feel the creative urge.

If you've never used wallpaper before... save the image to your computer by clicking the
right mouse button and then click "save as." Once on your computer, you can FTP the wallpaper
image to your homepage directory. In the homepage coding... you will need to replace:

BGCOLOR="XXXXXX" with BACKGROUND="filename.jpg"

The image will automatically be tiled to fill the entire background.
To see the paper in action, click on the image. Easy peasy.

Please do not link directly to this page... as it will slow things down to a crawl.

pajamas.jpg ... ripple.jpg ... penclpap.jpg

bonkers.jpg ... babypins.jpg ... lotodots.jpg

bonezone.jpg ... fishwish.jpg ... cantina.jpg

More paper!


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