by Cyndie Meinholz-Rauls

Please do not reproduce these stories in any way
without the prior written consent of the author.

April, 21
For those of you who like to compare labor stories, here is the story of Abby's delivery and birth.

Christmas 94
Every year I send out an original holiday card. Here is the story from 1994.

Buffet Buffet
The misadventures of some stupid shirt wearing, margarita drinking, parrot heads.

Christmas 96
This year's Christmas greeting.

Grandpa's Story.
I realy feel like I need to tell his story. This one's for those of you who like a bit more to read.

Christmas 95
Here is the holiday card I sent out in 1995.

No Barbies Allowed!.
An explanation for my anti-Barbie sentiments.



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