What if...

Humans were nocturnal?
Days were 12 hours long instead of 24?
The colors I see are completely different from the colors you see?
Christmas fell on August 25?
Streets were really paved with gold?
Cars ran on kind thoughts instead of gas?
People changed skin color based on their mood?
Wind currents were really schools of invisible flying fish?
There was only one other star in the sky?

The entire rest of the world was a figment of my imagination . . .
or better yet, the entire world (including ME!) was just
a figment of someone else's imagination!!! ...Beck

You could make any food taste like chocolate?
You could take yourself apart to fix instead of having to wear a cast?
Rainbows really rained skittles?
You could play with your shadow?
You could live in a giant mansion with all of your friends?
Your skin was clear so you could see your heart pumping and your stomach mashing?
You could put people on mute?
You could turn inside-out?
Walls and furnature could talk?
You got paid for knowing answers at school?
For vacation you could go to an amusement park in another galaxy?
You could E-mail God? ...Lauren

What if, while dreaming, that is in fact the real world, and while awake, we are actually dreaming? ...Kolette

You had eyes at the ends of your fingers? ...Bethan

The world was owned by a certain human being? ...Lana

Instead of paying set prices for things, people always paid what they felt the things were worth?
People had fur or pretty scales instead of clothes?
Body piercings let all the air out, as if you were a balloon?
Trees screamed when you cut them down?
Thinking really hard burned calories?
Your fridge and stove were one appliance, keeping the hot side hot and the cool side cool?
Cops gave you traffic tickets that could be exchanged for prizes if they caught you not speeding?
When you talked back to the TV the people on it answered you?
You changed gender every month?
They shoved all the continents back together?
By worrying about stuff, you really COULD prevent it happening?
Love potions worked?
They invented an art form for the sense of smell?
You could mail people? ...Ivy

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What if...

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