Twas the week before Christmas,
and all through the house
you could hear my mom yelling,
ďTime out! On the couch!Ē

On to the couch
I land with a Ďker-plopí...
but thereís a knot in my stomach
my heart wants to stop.

Now if it were August
I wouldnít think twice,
but so near to Christmas
am I more naughty than nice?

My moods and my Ďtude
my manners and temper,
my mischievous cravings,
I know they could be better!

Iím nervous, quite nervous,
about this I wonít lie.
If Santa agrees,
I can kiss Christmas good-bye!

Itís true my track record
wouldnít look good in ink.
Iím grouch of the couch
and Iíve had time to think!

Naughty or nice
is in the eye of the beholder.
It depends who you ask
the scoldee or the scolder.

So this is my angle,
itís all relative, you see.
Santa must have days
when heís grouchy, like me.

So Iíll bank on forgiveness,
and this little reminder...
Iíll try my best to be better,
much nicer, and kinder.

Happy holidays!


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