Does Santa have a sense of humor?

You have time to think of a lot of things when you’re Grouch of the Couch. That’s my job. Mom’s famous last words? “Now I want you to sit on the couch and think about what you just did!” Well... I do a lot of thinking. Sometimes I think about why Cody Pinket’s such a big, fat bully at recess. Sometimes my mind wanders and I make up games in my head.

I told my best friend, Amy, about some new Christmas carols I made up... like “Kringle Smells” and “Oh Can of Balm.” I thought I sang them quite nicely. Amy asked me of I was worried that Santa might put me on his naughty list.

Amy is my best friend, but she’s the kind of kid who brushes her teeth before bedtime without being told to.

She’s the kind of kid who likes doing homework. She’s the kind of kid... well you get the picture.

Just to be safe, I asked mom if Santa had a sense of humor. She said, “He has to have one. He keeps Cody Pinket on his list doesn’t he?” She’s right! Cody brought a ‘Commando Mando’ doll that he got from Santa to class once last year. Cody came running at me with the doll out in font of him screaming, “Sneak attaaaaaaack!” Then he tripped on the desk, fell to the floor, ‘Commando Mando’s’ head popped off and rolled under the teacher’s desk. Santa does have a sense of humor!

Well, my time out’s about over.

Remember... I think, therefore I am...
Grouch of the Couch.


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