Are you on a creative track?

1) Do you dive right into assembly without reading the instructions first?

2) While channel surfing, do you stop on everything from Martha Stewart to 'This Old House' because you'll never know when this information will come in handy?

3) Do you spend hours making up names for your rock band when you don't even play an instrument?

4) When someone tells you that you can't do something because it is impossible, are you hell bent on proving them wrong?

5) Do you often find yourself thinking "there has got to be a better way”?

6) Do you consider it a compliment when someone says you're weird, unusual, or unique?

7) Even though you haven't written it down yet, do you have a brilliant movie idea that you could direct if only you knew all the bogus technical stuff?

8) Do people usually come to you for ideas?

9) Are you constantly tinkering, rearranging, experimenting?

10) In extremes, are you sometimes the last person to catch on and other times way ahead of everybody else?

11) Do you like figuring things out on your own?

12) Are you a sweeping generalist in a world of petty specialists (in other words, are they bogged down in minute details while you're scoping out the big picture)?

13) Can you see a whole world in a grain of sand and if so, what are surreal estate prices down there?

14) Have you mentally rehearsed your "looking back on the early years" interviews for Oprah and Leno?

15) Do you lie awake at night pondering stuff like: spontaneous combustion, the origin of the universe, and the magical properties of Jiffy Pop popcorn?

16) Are you easily amused?

17) Do you often find yourself on a roll, completely loosing track of time?

18) Does it seem that all the crazy guys down at the coffee shop know you?

19) Are you usually the only one who gets your jokes?

20) Do you think wearing a tie die T-shirt to a Grateful Dead memorial is no more of a radical, individual statement than wearing a blue suit to the office?


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