A more recent photo of Don and Cyndie.

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“Celebrate Every Gorgeous Moment”

I believe that I have developed a special sight for gorgeous moments. They occur all around us all the time in the most ordinary settings, but you must pay attention.

There is a bus driver I call ‘popsicles and broccoli’ because he told me he eats a lot of both to stay in shape. Mostly, he celebrates every person getting on the bus with an incandescent smile and words to help people laugh.

Everyone has something gorgeous to offer if we take the time to listen. One time, while riding a cable car, I heard a man say, ‘I was the cookie captain!’ I knew immediately what he was talking about and called out; ‘I was the wake up fairy!’ Soon, the whole cable car full of people were calling out the ‘jobs’ they had in kindergarten!

If we remember that each of us has a small child inside, we can feel free to reach in and be truly friendly. Miracles happen between people all the time, pressed into those tiny moments that might go unseen without miracle moment collectors.”

From “Inspirational Sandwich” by Sark


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