Did you ever see a comercial for one of those
shows that set up shop in Holiday Inns
across the country? Or happen to walk past a
sidewalk sale of oil painted leopards and
Elvis portraits on black velvet canvases?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but much of
what you saw wasn’t very creative. Most of the “bulk”
paintings you see at Starving Artist shows are
processed in an assembly line style: one person’s
in charge of painting the sky, one paints the grassy
field, one’s a barn expert, another paints a horse
grazing in the distance, and on down the assembly
line the canvas goes. Outside of a few color variations,
there are probably one hundred paintings exactly like it.
And even if an artist can paint a darn good likeness
of a snow leopard... if you’ve seen one black velvet
painting, you’ve seen them all.


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