Child Safety

Parents and grandparents please take the time to make sure you know how to keep your children safe. Make sure you explain all the safety rules to each and everyone of your children. Lets keep our most precious gift safe.

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More children die in home accidents than from all childhood diseases combined. Please help prevent these accidents.
pin Baby Proofing Your Home
pin Just How Safe is Your Home?

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Transportation related injuries are the leading cause of death among young children. Last year, over 3,400 children were killed and 380,000 were injured.

pin Child Passenger Safety Education Project
pin Child Passenger Safety Tips

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Gunshot wounds are the fifth leading cause of death for children under 14 and the number-one cause of death for African-American teenage boys. Guns can be found in half of American homes.
pin Children and Guns: Sensible Solutions

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Each year, nationwide, more than 300 children under 5 years old drown in residential swimming pools, usually a pool owned by their family.
pin Backyard Pool: Always Supervise Children
pin How To Plan For the Unexpected -- Prevent Child Drownings

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In North America, children die or are seriously hurt in fires twice as often as adults. Teach your children the importance of fire safety at an early age.
pin Kids Fire Safety Tips

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pin Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
pin Ride Safe
pin Children and Bicycle Safety
pin Illinois State Police Bicycle Safety

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pin Stay Alert Stay Safe
pin Rate Your Child's Street Smarts in 3 Minutes!

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pin Child Sexual Abuse
pin The National Child Rights Alliance

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Studies have shown that at least 300 children die each year because of injuries on the farm. An additional 23,500 children are injured on the farm each year. Many of these injuries are permanently disabling.
pin Review Family Farm Safety Rules

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pin Kid Safety on the Internet
Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.

pin Cyber Patrol
Software to manage Internet access, limit the total time spent online and block access to Internet sites that you deem inappropriate.

pin CYBERsitter
Software for filtering and monitoring children's Internet activities.

pin Surf Watch by Spyglass
Software for parents who want to block their children's access to objectionable material on the Internet

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General Resources Free and Inexpensive Resources Books

pin Consumer Product Saftey Commission Publications
pin Safe Child Program
pin Mike K's Child Safety -- Home Page
pin Children's Safety Zone

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