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My name is Evelyn and my husband's name is Don. We have been happily married for many years. We have 13 children, 8 boys and 5 girls. They are all grown and on their own, except the youngest who is still in college. They live all over the United States. We also have 13 darling Grandchildren, 6 grandsons, and 7 granddaughters. Stephanie Nicole arrived on January 13th, our first great-granddaughter. She sure is a cutie, but will be leaving soon as Daddy is in the US Marines. We live on a mini farm in Southern Illinois.

What a wonderful thing this computer is. Actually three months ago I was scared to use it. Then I discovered what a nice way it was to stay in touch with the family. Now I chat with children in Pow Wow and this email is so very fast. No more snail mail for this cyber grandma. All though we may be separated by many miles, we are still close. Of course there are no more long distance phone bills as no one can get the phone only a busy signal.

Now here I am learning to make my own little home here in cyberspace. The grandchildren can stop in at grandma's. They can go visit one of my links I have found for them, or email me the latest news. Hope they are all having as much fun as I am.

March 10, 1997. I have now been on the internet for seven months, and although I have joked about being addicted to it I now know how very true that statement is. It all started on March 6th, I got up early took the dogs out for their morning run and thought what a beautiful day it was. A hint of spring in the air with crocus blooming, and spring flowers breaking the ground. Boy was I wrong. In the afternoon my internet provider was out of service, I knew they were upgrading their equipment so thought it would just be a short delay. Wrong again. I called and they said I should be back on in a hour or so. Well Friday came and no internet, what a bummer! I waited until Friday afternoon before calling once more, now I am told it is a problem with our local phone service. Knowing the phone company would not be working on the weekend I figured by Monday I would be back online. But being the determined person that I am, I kept trying all weekend, it got to the point I was saying please let me connect. The kids are calling home to see if I am all right as I haven't been on to chat with, nice to be missed. Well seems I may be off for a while longer as the problem is still not corrected and they don't seem to know when it will be. Now I know I am addicted. *Grin* As I sit here worrying because my pages aren't being updated and my email is just sitting there unread. I wonder if there is group support some place for internet addiction. Miss you all! Cyber Grandma.
Well I got back on after a week and a day. Gee I feel so much better now. I actually got desperate enough that I paid long distance phone charges so I could update a couple of pages and check my mail. Nice to be back with all my friends. Hugs ...Cyber Grandma

April 16: I talked to my granddaughter and the baby is doing fine she is rolling over and weighs 10 pounds 6 ounces now. They are living in North Carolina for a while.

September 3: I have been on the internet for a little over a year now. Having just a much fun as when I first got on. My little home has grown a lot from its orginal start. I might have to start handing out maps on my index page so you can find your way through.*GRINNING* Hopefully it has improved along the way, always learning new things. No matter what age you are you are never to old to learn. What a fun way to keep your mind active. Thank you for visiting with Grandma.

January 15th: I have another new grandbaby. Her name is Devin and she joins a brother named Danny who is three. It is so much fun to be a grandma. They live close by so I plan on doing a lot of spoiling.*GRIN*

April 22: I have just recently started baby sitting Devin, her mother had to return to work. She is so good its hard to spoil her, but believe me I'm trying. Will have more pictures of her to put up shortly.

May 3: I got a new computer and have spent the last week moving everything from the old to the new. How one person could accumulate so much stuff is beyond me. *Grinning* Found things I forgot I had. *Grinning* Now I have more space to save and hide things, and a faster 'puter to get them with. Found some pictures I scanned of Stephanie when she turned a year old in January.

I love animals of all sorts and adopt any strays that show up. Would you like to know more about my pets .

I have many interests and hobbies. I like gardening, canning, needlework , bird watching, and playing nintendo. I like country music, my favorite group is Alabama. My favorite male singer is Alan Jackson. Female artist is Mary Chapin Carpenter. My favorite things to do are spoil the grandchildren , surf the web, and add more pages to my little home here in space. *SMILE*


The Time for Southern Illinois is:

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