Love is Happiness

Heart Love is..realizing what you were put on Earth for.
Heart Love is..essential.
Heart Love is..a feeling inside that shows outside
Heart Love is..something that comes naturally.
Heart Love is..for keeps.
Heart Love is..a warm embrace.
Heart Love is..comforting.
Heart Love is..communication.
Heart Love is..feeling like singing in the rain.
Heart Love is..somone to call your own.
Heart Love is.. brushing his cheek as you pass.
Heart Love is..looking forward to our weekends together.
Heart Love is..still doing the little things for him.
Heart Love is.. dancing cheek to cheek.
Heart Love is..spoiling him.
Heart Love of life's necessities.
Heart Love is..having eyes only for him.
Heart Love is..the warmth of his smile.
Heart Love is..wanting to do things for him.
Heart Love is..remembering to give as well as take affection.
Heart Love is..when you wouldn't change a thing about him.
Heart Love is..just a heart beat away.
Heart Love is..bigger than both of us.
Heart Love is..what makes a rainy day sunny.
Heart Love is..learning to control your temper.
Heart Love is..understanding the mood he is in.
Heart Love is..wishing the day would never end.
Heart Love is..getting long letters
Heart Love is..waking him up with a happy smile.
Heart Love champange--it goes to your head.
Heart Love is..having somone to carry you over the rough spots.
Heart Love is..when your troubles are his troubles.
Heart Love is..feeling lost without him.
Heart Love is..having someone watch over you.
Heart Love is..keeping the farm going while he is away.


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