James Madison

Fourth President 1809-1817


Born: March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, King George, Virginia.

Education: Graduated from the College of New Jersey, now Princeton.

Occupation: Lawyer, public official.

Family life: In September 1794 he married Dolley Payne Todd. She was a widow with a young son. They had no children during their marriage. She returned to Washington after Madisons death and remained there until her death in 1849.

Political career: Entered Virginia politics in 1774; very influential at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Wrote part of the Federalist papers explaining the new government. Served in Congress, 1789-97, and was Jefferson's secretary of state before becoming Democratic-Republican candidate in 1808.

Highlights of his presidency: Called for war against Britain in 1812.

Apperance: The smallest President 5 feet 4 inches tall, about 100 pounds, had blond hair and blue eyes.

Died: At Montpelier in Virginia, on June 28th, 1836.

Buried: At the small Madison family cemetery on the estate at Montpelier,Virginia.


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