Groundhog Day is February 2nd of each year. According to American folk tradition, the groundhog leaves the burrow where it has been hibernating to discover whether cold winter weather will continue. If the groundhog cannot see its shadow, it remains above ground ending its hibernation, but if its shadow is visible six more weeks of cold weather will continue, and the animal returns to its burrow.


Websters definition of groundhog: a small burrowing rodent.
Cyber Grandmas definition: a pesty little critter who always reminds me we are going to have more winter.
Websters definition of winter: fourth season; in northern latitudes, period between winter solistice and vernal equinox; any dismal gloomy time.
Cyber Grandmas definition: snow, snow and more snow.
Websters definition of snow: frozen vapor which falls in flakes; snowfall; mass of flakes on the ground.
Cyber Grandmas definition: the stuff that gives me cabin fever.

Well seems there is no defintion for cabin fever in Webster.
Cabin fever is something you catch when you are stuck in the house because you can't go anywhere. Not that I want to go its just knowing I can't. Living in the country and having a steep driveway means you are not going to run to town and to get that loaf of bread you need, instead you are going to have to bake some of your own. Well it has now been almost two weeks since any of our vehicles have been up the driveway. Just a lot of footprints there, as to go anywhere you have to walk the quarter of a mile to get to the road. When you get there you are taking your life in your hands as the road commisioner lives in the other part of the county and only plows his road. Anyone want to air lift me a care package? The other day I was sent some bonbons in my email and I tried to eat them.*GRIN* Can you tell by now that cabin fever has begun to affect Cyber Grandma?. I think maybe I need to rename this page the ramblings of a crazy grandma. Thank Goodness for the internet. *GRIN*


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