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eternal essence
by Mike Conner

the rustle of wings speak
from deep within the mind 
somehow we know ....
of love that has left

it is said, that wings
have carried them off 
to a higher plain
to a better place...
where they await us

for what are we 
if not 
what is to come

wings to be...  flights 
into the mystery of life
blessed essences in eternity


Heavenly Roster

Rose The Angels Birth Date Entered Heaven Parent
Rose Destiny Barney June 14,1996 Sept. 25,1996 Lisa
Rose Scott Lester Nov. 21,1963 Feb. 29,1996 Evelyn
Rose Kevin Louis June 7,1960 Dec. 24,1976 Evelyn
Rose Kenneth Lee April 26,1959 April 17,1983 Evelyn
Rose Roberta Jo Dec. 19,1966 June 30,1967 Karen
Rose Susan Elizabeth
Warner Belleu
Oct. 26,1960 Nov. 14,1984 Carolyn
Rose Kylee Nov. 24,1990 Nov. 28,1990
Rose Jason May 30,1974 April 18,1992 Terese
Rose Benjamin Kirk
June 30,1973 Jan. 15,1974 Debora
Rose Anthony Michael
Rose 2nd Angel April 18,1997 April 18,1997 Toni
Rose Nigel Farrugia March 24,1996 June 10,1996 Moira
Rose Leara Noisette
Gantt Gillespie
March 24,1995 Aug. 11,1995 Ashi
Rose Jessica Bowden April 25,1985 March 7,1988 Cherie
Rose Carla Shaw Aug 22,1980 Aug 22,1991 Joy
Rose Kyle Patrick
March 21,1993 March 21,1993 Lisa
Rose Kathleen Ann
Nov. 3,1979 Sept. 3,1995 Teresa
Rose Shayla Michele Aug. 13,1985 Nov. 7,1985 Kaija
Rose Stephanie Nichole March 17,1992 Nov. 4,1993 Rose
Rose Alexander Luciano
March 1,1995 March 1,1995 Silvia
Rose Emily Hope
Miscarriage Oct. 12,1995 Silvia
Rose Michael James
Oct. 18,1976 April 15,1996 Al
Rose Lana Aug. 27,1994 Thunder
Rose Haley Nicole
Nov. 15,1996 Nov. 15,1996 Vicki
Rose Marcus Correy Jan. 29,1982 March 4,1982 Robin
Rose Steven
(Marcus's Father)
Feb. 13,1957 May 10,1992
Rose Rachel Lea
Dec. 21,1957 Nov. 3,1992 Myra
Rose John Heckman II Sept. 27,1978 Jan. 18,1994 Jo
Rose Christina Louise
Aug. 27,1980 Oct. 19,1993 Serenleono
Rose Timmy Visgaitis Jr May 7,1997 Besty
Rose Brent Arlan
June 1984 June 1984 Sandi
Rose Robert "Bobby"
Dec. 31,1961 May 30,1996 Myra
Rose Kylii Joll
Sept. 20,1996 Dec. 30,1996 Wendie
Rose Louise Antonette
June 18,1980 Nov. 25,1993 Rosemary
Rose Megan Elizabeth Feb. 27,1996 March 16,1996 Melissa
Rose Donna Leann
Feb. 10,1968 Sept. 15,1987 Norma
Rose Kelsey Rae
May 13,1993 Aug. 15,1993 Linda
Rose Kevin Jacobs May 17,1992 Nov. 22,1993 Arlene
Rose Marissa Ann
Oct. 3,1996 Oct. 3,1996 Dawn
Rose Christopher
Kell 'i Kahau
May 10,1972 Feb. 1,1996 Lynnette
Rose Charles Michael
July 9,1977 May 13,1995 Donna
Rose John Dion
Sept. 8,1968 Jan. 20,1989 Sonya
Rose Charlotte Lee
Sept. 4,1973 April 12,1996 Bill
Rose Jessica Christine
Feb. 12,1986 Jan. 26,1993 Stephen
Rose Brian Kelly
Aug. 16,1969 Jan. 30,1993 Sue
Rose Kristina Elizabeth
Aug. 29,1978 June 27,1996 Perry
Rose Gary Anthony
Feb. 2,1974 July 5,1974 Margie
Rose Michael Wilson
Oct. 3,1972 Oct. 23,1996 Bill
Rose Kenneth Allen
Aug. 22,1976 May 3,1995 Kendra
Rose Carol Michelle
Sept. 10,1984 March 29,1996 Lois
Rose Nicholas Estep March 2,1992 Jan. 11,1995 Cyndy
Rose Anna Grace
March 15,1994 March 15,1994
Rose Nicki Hoyt April 11,1972 Dec. 16,1990 Carol
Rose Sandy Jacob
July 2,1972 Feb. 17,1994 Patti
Rose Erin Winona May 22,1963 April 11,1983 PJ Flowers
Rose Jacob Charles April 13,1988 Sept. 1,1988 Beckie
Rose Jacob Matthew
March 9,1994 June 23,1996 Lisa
Rose Scott Alan
Sitler Jr.
Sept. 14,1994 Sept. 15,1994 Scott
Rose Andrew Mark
April 5,1992 April 5,1992 Karen
Rose Patrick Henry
Jan. 4,1976 June 29,1992 Roxanne
Rose Kristen McIver
Dec. 12,1971 Dec. 12,1971 Joan
Rose Kristofer McIver
Dec. 26,1978 July 1,1979 Joan
Rose Kara D.
Feb.19,1983 Feb.19,1983 Karen
Rose Jason
Oct. 1,1996 Lylas
Rose Ethan Michael
Nov. 10,1996 Nov. 11,1996 Monique
Rose Johanna Mary June 18,1978 March 17,1993 Kali
Rose Christopher Scott Sept. 7,1993 Sept. 7,1993 Jennifer
Rose Hannah Sophia Jan. 13,1994 Jan. 13,1994 Jennifer
Rose Meghan Victoria Jan. 13,1994 Jan. 13,1994 Jennifer
Rose Joshua Michael Oct. 13,1996 Nov. 3,1996 Jennifer
Rose Jordan Matthew May 23, 1997 May 23, 1997 Cathie
Rose Michael Bryin
Nov. 1,1993 Nov. 1,1993 Tammy
Rose Samantha Anne Miscarriage May 28, 1991 Sam
Rose Christopher Ray April 7 April 7 Sam
Rose David Keenan Sam
Rose Brooke Elaine
Jan. 10,1981 Jan. 10,1981 Donna
Rose Jessica Reed June 1,1994 Jan. 5,1997 Bev
Rose Jesse June 8,1986 April 22,1996 Leah

More Empty Arms Angels


To all the parents of our special angels.
May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand and caress you with His love.


RoseGod's Brand New Angel~

          God looked down on His children, 
          and carressed the heads of each one...
          A gentle smile formed on His lips, 
          and tears glistened in His eyes...
          It was time to call a child home to the sun...
          A very hard choice for one so wise~
          For in the wake of calling one into His arms....
          Comes the heartbreaking grief, the saddness,
          and the tears ....
          He knows He has to leave the
          earthly ones with empty arms...
          And give them an understanding fear~
          But God gave them a special gift instead...
          A brand new Angel to guide thier way....
          To feed all the Peace that there is to be fed...
          To hold their hand on that fateful day~
          And to shower them with an undying love....
          For God's newest Angel, 
          this is an easy task to do....
          For God's Newest Angel has not left us, 
          they are in the Heaven above....
          Watching, Loving, Guiding YOU!





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